Prison Release Diary

Prison Release Diary
Council of the Aged
Victoria State Government Department of Corrections
An information rich diary designed to help people reintegrate into the outside world after a long time inside.

One of the biggest challenges anyone can face is reintegrating into society after a long period of institutionalisation.  Going from an environment of locked doors, regulated routines, limited self direction and behaviour monitoring by others, many prisoners are released into a world where their contacts are gone, the landscape has changed, technology has moved on and they find multiple barriers ahead - like being able to find jobs or accomodation.

Victoria's Council of the Ageing (COTA) identified this as a particular problem for older prisoners, and worked with Blue Vapours to produce this handy resource.  A diary in format, it takes prisoners on release through the support mechanisms and tips available to them to have a productive life "outside", to prevent recidivism (reoffending and winding up back in jail) and to protect vulnerable ex-prisoners from self harm.

Fonts used were larger, for older readers, and the colour palette is bright and friendly to create a more optimistic feel.

Icon sets were used extensively, along with photography, to aid navigation through materials for those with lower literacy levels.  Blue Vapours is particularly proud of this project ( along with COTA's 'Death of a Partner: Guide to Dealing with the Death of a Loved One'), since it is a project which works for the wider social good by helping individuals, one of our key goals.