Eatiquette TV

Independent Video Production
Screenwriting, Video Production and Motion Graphics

Napkins? Plates? Knives and Forks?  What are they, and where did they come from?

This innovative comedy series needed some cool graphics to explain the history and etiquette of contemporary dining.  A retro-inspired character and device set brings this comedy-documentary to life.

Eatiquette is a 6-part TV intersticial series that imparts information on dining etiquette in a comedic yet factual way (all episodes are now available on YouTube here!).

While the majority of each episode is filmed, there is a short breakaway – which delves into the historical aspects of the theme – delivered as an animated sequence.

The motion graphics are a combination of original hand drawn elements and historical images spliced together to deliver the story in a dynamic and entertaining way. There are pompous waiters, flying knives, exploding wine barrels, five-pronged forks and cavemen with dirty faces.