Maribyrnong Parking Report

Parking Management Annual Report 2019
City of Maribyrnong
Report design, illustration and cartography
Follow-up promotional poster and postcard

Parking.  Who likes it?  It’s a necessary evil that’s a product of a car culture, and sometimes you just can’t get a park because there are too many $#@&*! cars.  This is particularly problematic if you are a trader on a shopping strip, and people can’t come to you because they can never get a park.  It’s also a problem if you run a local council area.

For some reason, hem hem, residents can get “fired up” at the concept of parking metres or restrictions on parking in popular areas.  But the council has to maintain the roads in its municipality and ensure a measure of free flowing movement to assist trade and prevent the ghetto-isation of areas. And, let’s face it, the income from parking  metres goes some way in alleviating council coffers.

Blue Vapours has worked with Maribyrnong on numerous projects, including liquor licensing proposals, graffiti removal projects, urban forestry reports, building code promotion, and the development of economic areas within its boundary.  This was a particularly challenging project, because of its delicate nature.  It uses illustration work and a gentle yet scientific colour scheme to provide a calm approach to the research behind parking management.